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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Giveaway Cotton Fabrics yg cun



Saya sgt berbesar hati nk join giveaway ni sebab saya suka dengan design cotton yg menarik dari link.
Saya ingin mencuba membuat pillow yang ala shabby english.

1. Please kindly leave your comment at the link so that she can hop to your blog address for them to know each other since .
2. Then make an entry in your blog for the giveaway, and in the entry, don't forget to tell what kind of craft that you'll do with the fabrics if you're the winner and please copy and paste the icon above for the entry in your blog..

And the prize is, some of her fabric..heavy canvas cotton limited edition..

So, let's participate!! It will be closed on 13/12/09 and the winner will be announced on the next day..so, enjoyyy...

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